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In these recessionary times, bjr is proud to co-sponsor the "The First Lady Lucy Houston Lecture and Dinner" on Innovation and Industrial Regeneration. Acclaimed and best-selling author Professor Paul Kennedy is lecturing, and Guest of Honour is fellow acclaimed and best-selling author Correlli Barnet.

bjr were proud to sponsor this attempt and supply lightweight cameras and recorders

"British Army Warrant Officer (Second Class) Barry Jones of the Army Air Corps, has set off on ‘Expedition Global Eagle,’ the first ever attempt to fly around the world in an autogyro – the light aircraft made famous in 1967 as Sean Connery’s gadget ‘Little Nellie’ in the James Bond film ‘You Only Live Twice’. The record attempt started from the home of the Army Air Corps, Middle Wallop, at the Museum of Army Flying. The attempt will take around three and a half months, covering 25 different countries. The autogyro is the last remaining class of aircraft yet to circumnavigate the globe.

The autogyro is now on the brink of making aviation history and in the bid to do so, WO2 Jones will closely follow the route taken by Brian Milton in 1998, when he became the first person to fly a microlight around the world. Autogyros have existed since the early days of powered flight and are supported in flight through a combination of un-powered rotating horizontal blades and forward propulsion from a conventional propeller. It is the aircraft from which the helicopter took its lead.

Expedition Global Eagle, a challenging adventure with an opportunity to raise money for three deserving charities; the Dyslexia Institute, the NSPCC and the British Red Cross September 11th Appeal, was the brainchild of WO2 Jones. The Global Eagle team nominated the charities, with WO2 Jones, himself dyslexic, nominating the Dyslexia Institution.

WO2 Jones, 37, has been in the Army since 1984. He has served in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Germany and the Balkans. For Expedition Global Eagle, so named because of its association with the Army Air Corps, he leads a team of 11 Army soldiers whose responsibilities include maintaining the aircraft, route planning, logistics and sponsorship and charity liaison. “Expedition Global Eagle is a thrilling project and, if successful, we will be creating a world record and making aviation history. We will raise money for three very deserving charities, and being dyslexic, I want to use the expedition to show other dyslexic people that you can achieve in life and take on great challenges”, says WO2 Jones.

Expeditions are integral to Army life. Often organised by the participants, they are regarded as the pinnacle of adventure training. They develop qualities that enhance the performance of military personnel, for example, courage, leadership, initiative, management skills, determination and teamwork. Expedition Global Eagle was launched in 2003 when the World Autogyro Range Record of 543 miles, held for 30 years by Wing Commander Ken Wallis was broken. General Sir Michael Walker, Chief of Defence Staff, is the patron of Expedition Global Eagle."






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